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How to Deep Dive a Girl (and Get Her to Really Open Up)


Ready for the next level?

  • How do you get girls to open up to you?

    The secret to getting a woman to tell you everything about herself is a technique called ‘deep diving’.

    The deep dive is a conversation method that takes a topic of conversation and goes deep.

    ADVANCED TRAINING: 9 Advanced Tips to Open Girls Up with Deep Dives


    When you deep dive, you’ll leave small talk behind, and get to know the nitty gritty:

    • Who’s the girl behind the face?• What drives her (deep in her heart)?

    • Why does she love what she loves?

    • What is it that makes this girl tick?

    The more a woman opens herself up to you, the more connected she feels, and the more she comes to trust you.

    Trust is one of the most crucial elements to dating success.

    And deep diving is the ULTIMATE trust-building conversation tool.

    In this video, you’ll discover:

    • An example deep dive (get to see a deep dive in action)… 1:39

    • How to use “boring questions” to launch a deep dive… 3:50

    • Ways you can “stay with” a topic and dive deeper in it… 5:42

    • A step-by-step process to have women open up about their deep drives and motivations… 7:34

    • A simple way to relate back to a woman so she knows you “get” her… 11:04

    • How to future project (and find out what a woman sees herself doing years from now)… 12:59

    Use what you learn from this video, and you’ll have women open up to you like gift boxes.

    Ready to take your deep dives even deeper?

    Watch my premium video on advanced deep diving techniques below.

    ADVANCED TRAINING: 9 Advanced Tips to Open Girls Up with Deep Dives



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