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How to Talk to Girls: 14 Killer Conversation Tips


Ready for the next level?

  • Girls DON’T talk about the stuff guys do.

    That’s because girls aren’t guys! They think different… feel different… and like different things.

    ADVANCED TRAINING: How to Talk to Girls & COMPLETELY Absorb Them

    How do you span that divide between “topics you like to talk about” and “topics girls like to talk about”?

    Well, you’re not going to talk to them about lipstick shades or celebrity gossip. They might like that stuff but you don’t!

    Instead, you need to know how to talk to girls using topics they enjoy that you also don’t mind talking about!

    Covered in this video: 14 killer conversation tips that make talking to girls simple:

    1. Her favorite topic is her
    2. Boring questions are okay
    3. But not TOO many questions!
    4. Cold reads are your friend
    5. Flirt with her as you talk
    6. Ask her name or wait?
    7. You need to lead things
    8. Be ready to talk for 2-3 mins
    9. Screen her and qualify
    10. Direct vs. indirect interest
    11. Get investment early
    12. Lock in!
    13. Contact close her quick
    14. If it’s going well, why stop? 

    Start using a couple of these topics TODAY and watch how much easier your convos with women get.

    The next step is to give a watch to my ADVANCED TRAINING on a unique way to totally absorb women into conversation with you: a little something called pattern interrupts:

    ADVANCED TRAINING: How to Talk to Girls & COMPLETELY Absorb Them

    In this video, I show you how to yank a woman out of whatever thoughts or mood she’s in and pull her completely into the present moment with you… that way she’s focused on you, instead of being caught up thinking about that appointment she has later in the day or some coworker’s snarky attitude at work.

    If you’ve ever wanted to get girls laser-focused on you, this advanced training video contains all the tools you need to do it.


    Want my guide to conversation, both techniques to use and step-by-step conversation “scripts” to follow? Get your copy of my course Spellbinding: Get Her Talking and become a conversation maestro ow.

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