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Why Is It SO Hard To Beat “Approach Anxiety”?

Approach anxiety — that fear men feel before they approach a new girl — rules the hearts of most men.

Most men do not approach anywhere ear the women they wish they could… due precisely to this fear.

ADVANCED TRAINING: 10 Tips That DESTROY Approach Anxiety


Fantastic Fundamentals 8: Movement 06:28

Fantastic Fundamentals 8: Movement

Movement is a lot subtler than what we talked about in the lessons on facial expressions and mannerisms.

Yet it has a noticeable impact on the way a man presents — and his attractiveness.

Discussed in this video:

  • The difference between jerky vs. deliberate movements
  • 3 principles to attractive movement
  • The two parts of proper “movement deliberateness”
  • The right amount of movement in 5 different types of situations
  • How the Law of Least Effo

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