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Change a Woman’s Mood, Not Her Mind!


Ready for the next level?

  • A seducer doesn’t try to change a woman’s mind — he changes her mood.

    But just why is this so important for him to do?

    ADVANCED TRAINING: How to Change a Woman’s Mood

    Covered in this video:

    • 5 common topics inexperienced men try to change women’s minds on
    • The truth about how women think about things vs. how men do
    • Best & worst cases when you try to change a woman’s mind
    • Signs you’re trying to change her mind (INSTEAD of her mood!)

    If you want to win a debate, you aim to change minds.

    Yet to SEDUCE, you must change moods!

    Category : Female Nature

    #female mind#female psychology#emotions#mood#conversation#seduction

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