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Fantastic Fundamentals 17: Attractive Vocal Intonation


Ready for the next level?

  • The right tone of voice and rate of speech can suck women in like little else.

    Get these wrong though, and you can make women outright FLEE!

    In this lesson on attractive tonality & rate of speech, we discuss:

    • How tone and speech rate influence your results with girls
    • Vocal adjustments men make when they talk to attractive women (girls like these adjustments!)
    • 7 exercises to improve VOICE TONE. Try each one — you’ll be surprised!
    • 5 speaking speed exercises (use these to optimize how fast or slow you talk to girls)

    Here are the sentences used for practice from the video:

    TONES EXERCISE 2: try each in happy, depressed, opening, and bedroom tones:

    1. “Wow, you are just SUPER beautiful.”
    2. “Hey there, my name’s [YOUR NAME].”
    3. “I just got a new roommate.”
    4. “My favorite food is chicken a la king.”

    TONES EXERCISE 4: say each while REALLY BELIEVING, then once again NOT AT ALL BELIEVING what you say:

    1. “I’m actually a really good-looking guy.”
    2. “You and I should totally get together.”
    3. “Let’s head back for a nightcap. I know a place with GREAT music and cheap drinks.”
    4. “I am the BEST guy in the world at that.”


    “Where are you from? You seem like someone from far away. There’s a bit of mystery about you. Me, I’m a bit of a transplant here myself.”

    HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT: record the statement just above and save your recording. Next, do all the tone exercises (and record yourself!). For the next three weeks, work consciously on both tone and rate of speech. When the three weeks are up, record yourself speaking the same statement just above again. Compare your recording at the start of the three weeks to your recording at the end of three weeks. Can you hear the difference? Don’t stop working on tones and rate of speech after — keep going!


    NEXT LESSON: Fantastic Fundamentals 18: Adding Uniqueness to Your Voice

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