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Fantastic Fundamentals 1: Becoming a More Attractive Man

  • What makes a man attractive?

    Is it his jawline? Height? The space between his eyes? Perhaps the symmetry in his face and body?

    While those things beyond a man’s control do factor into attractiveness, an enormous amount of individual attractive qualities are actually within his reach.

    These adjustable attractive qualities I call ‘fundamentals’, because of how foundational they are to a man’s social and romantic success.

    Great fundamentals allow a man to coast by socially even with mediocre ‘game’… with BAD fundamentals, even the best game can’t save you (well, usually).

    This video gives you an overview on what fundamentals are… and prepares you for the life-changing, trajectory-altering video series that follows.

    Covered in the video:

    • A fun homework assignment that will change the way you think about personal attractiveness
    • The beggar vs. “best self” comparison: everybody realizes instantly how big the difference is
    • Why MOST people (including many guys who want to learn game) have such poor fundamentals
    • The trap of ‘one’: focusing on only one fundamental, to the exclusion of all others
    • 5 benefits of maximizing your attractiveness with a focus on fundamentals

    If you’re ready to start being a more attractive man — and reaping the tremendous benefits with women and life that gives you — then let’s begin going through the course to help you achieve it.

    NEXT LESSON: Fantastic Fundamentals 2: What to Keep in Mind with Fundamentals

    Other lessons:


    • Part 1: Becoming a More Attractive Man (Free) [THIS LESSON]
    • Part 2: What to Keep in Mind with Fundamentals (Free)
    • Part 3: Body Fundamentals Introduction (Free)
    • Part 4: Posture (Free) [COMING SOON]
    • Part 5: Eye Contact (Premium) [COMING SOON]
    • Part 6: Expressions (Premium) [COMING SOON]
    • Part 7: Mannerisms (Premium) [COMING SOON]
    • Part 8: Movement (Free) [COMING SOON]
    • Part 9: Walk (Premium) [COMING SOON]
    • Part 10: Teeth (Premium) [COMING SOON]
    • Part 11: Skin (Free) [COMING SOON]
    • Part 12: Weight (Premium) [COMING SOON]
    • Part 13: Muscle (Premium) [COMING SOON]VOCAL FUNDAMENTALS




    Want to go back to where it all started? Read my bestselling book How to Make Girls Chase… and make your way through the book that introduced the concept of Attractive Fundamentals. Discover all four categories of upgradable fundamentals — plus get my complete Method for making girls chase YOU.


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