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Picking Up Girls in Your Day-to-Day Life, Pt. 1: Basics


Ready for the next level?

  • Sooner or later, guys want to know how to integrate picking up girls into their day-to-day lives.

    You can’t keep dumping time into walking around the mall, hanging out in the clubs forever, right?

    How do you make it so that you continually meet women no matter what your day includes though?

    In this series, I teach you how to integrate seduction with your daily comings and goings.

    Covered in Part 1: Basics:

    • Different approaches men have to integrating pickup with their daily lives
    • The social skills “baseline” requirement you’ll need to pull this off
    • To get the hottest girls, what you’ll have to do with your daily life first
    • One thing to ever forget, even when pickup’s fully integrated with your life

    Up next in Part 2: Common Mistakes Men Make, you’ll discover all the errors guys make when they first TRY integrating pickup with their lives… and why so few men successfully pull pickup-life integration off.

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    Part 7: Bonus Tips & Tidbits (Free)


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