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Picking Up Girls in Your Day-to-Day Life, Pt. 2: Common Mistakes Men Make

  • Many guys who try to integrate picking up girls to their daily lives run into false starts.

    They try, and fail, then try and fail again.

    Ultimately, many give up, resigning themselves to not approaching women during their daily lives.

    Yet the biggest reason men fail at integrating seduction with their lives is due to simple mistakes.

    If you can beat those mistakes… stop making them… things suddenly get a whole lot easier.

    Covered in Part 2: Common Mistakes Men Make:

    • The mistake of ot changing your habits… plus why this is so detrimental for pickup-daily life integration, and WHAT habits you need to change to integrate
    • Lacking a NATURAL way to interact with lots of people (i.e., having a large “social net”, like we talk about in Part 5), limiting their abilities to meet others
    • The problem of “over-pickiness.” Guys with the fewest women in their lives tend to be the pickiest daters… but this pickiness doesn’t help you pick better; over-picky guys often don’t date anyone at all!
    • Too-passive behavior when it comes to proposing things, getting contact info, or following up (and exactly why this condemns your day-to-day pickup efforts)
    • Hoping (or expecting) to “magically run into” women like in the movies… yet an integrated lifestyle that reliably funnels you women requires FORESIGHT to construct!

    All these errors are correctible — and as we go through the 7-part series, you’ll see just what you must do to correct them.

    Up next in Part 3: How to Be “Always On”, discover the secret to never again needing to miss out on a girl you crossed paths with but weren’t ready to approach.

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