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Picking Up Girls in Your Day-to-Day Life, Pt. 7: Bonus Tips & Tidbits


Ready for the next level?

  • It’s time to wrap up this peerless 7-video course on how to pick up girls in your day-to-day life.

    We’ll close things out with 8 cherry-on-top tips to maximize your success with day-to-day life pickup.

    In this final video in the series, you’ll discover:

    • How active (or not) you HAVE to be to keep up with an “integrated” lifestyle
    • What to do when you’re BUSY (or you just aren’t in the mood for socializing)
    • A simple, eye-opening tip that lets you avoid “burn out” from socializing each day
    • The “burning the candle at both ends” tip I wish I knew when I started doing this
    • How “liking” factors into the social life you’ll build (and why it’s KEY)
    • The “bursts” approach to socializing: it’s okay to be lumpy rather than consistent!
    • One crucial thing to keep an eye out for as you socialize (so many men overlook this)
    • A final tip about constructing your integrated day-to-day pickup lifestyle worth knowing

    I hope you’ve enjoyed this series and gotten a lot out of it. I hope you’ve already gotten started integrating pickup into your daily life — or that you’re planning to soon. I wish you luck with… and I hope you’ll update me on your progress (drop me a comment on one of these videos, or send me a note elsewhere. I’d love to hear about it!).

    Coming up: there’s plenty more to come on GirlsChase.TV — we’re just getting started!

    In the meantime, find the other installments in this series here:

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    Part 7: Bonus Tips & Tidbits (Free) [THIS VIDEO]


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