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Fantastic Fundamentals 3: Body Fundamentals

  • There’s a lot you can change about your body.

    Yet most men focus on the WRONG things. Things like jawline… eye spacing… height… face shape… skin color…

    Things they CAN’T control!

    You can make massive upgrades in your personal attractiveness with a focus on the RIGHT body fundamentals:

    Those aspects of your physical appearance that are within your control.

    In this lesson we discuss:

    • The recent explosion of men absolutely obsessed about their looks
    • Changes in how the media has presented men’s attractiveness over the years
    • The practical approach to upgrading one’s looks: fundamentals
    • The “Beautiful Ones”, looks-obsessed mice who fail to secure mates
    • A preview of which body fundamentals we’ll cover in the upcoming videos
    • My own story about looks-based insecurities in myself and others
    • The “like attracts like” element of mate selection (positive assortative mating)
    • How fundamentals achieves its attractiveness boost

    If you’re ready to upgrade your appearance, and ACTUALLY start getting dramatically better reactions from girls, this is the way you do it. Not by obsessing over details outside your control (you can’t do anything about them; which means they’re not worth thinking about).

    This — improvable fundamentals — is where you must focus your energies if you want actual attractiveness upgrades.

    And this is where we’ll be focused as we continue on through this series. I hope you’re excited!



    Mouse Utopia: Are We Living in the Human Version?

    People Usually Choose Mates with Similar Faces


    NEXT LESSON: Fantastic Fundamentals 4: Posture [COMING SOON]

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    Want to go back to where it all started? Read my bestselling book How to Make Girls Chase… and make your way through the book that introduced the concept of Attractive Fundamentals. Discover all four categories of upgradable fundamentals — plus get my complete Method for making girls chase YOU.


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