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Fantastic Fundamentals 2: What to Keep in Mind with Fundamentals

  • In this series, we’ll dive into a whole host of ways to make yourself more attractive.

    Before we dive in though, we first must cover a few of the ground rules to bear in mind.

    Rules like:

    • How big a piece of the pie fundamentals are (hint: they’re not the WHOLE pie!)
    • The difference between fantastic fundamentals vs. perfect fundamentals
    • The element of time in developing one’s fundamentals
    • How to prevent OVERWHELM as you learn fundamentals

    Keep these rules in mind as you work on your fundamentals, and you’ll soar.

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    • Part 10: Teeth (Premium) [COMING SOON]
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    • Part 12: Weight (Premium) [COMING SOON]
    • Part 13: Muscle (Premium) [COMING SOON]





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